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Strength & Recovery is one of the advanced centers in Charleston offering cutting-edge equipment to help you through recovery, training, and therapy aid. Whether you’re a sportsman or weekend warriors, a fitness recovery studio like Strength & Recovery can help you prehab, rehab and rebuild strength to train, rest, or perform.

Remain functioning to achieve optimal health with our state-of-the-art equipment, fitness recovery techniques, and qualified Recovery Specialists!

At Strength & Recovery, we provide you with the finest services and modalities to prehab, rehab, and regain strength. We excel at assisting athletes to reach or achieve an optimal performance level.

Who We Are

Are you looking for a link that can help you enhance training, optimize prehab and performance? You have come to the right place!

Strength & Recovery is your hub of ultimate wellness. We are a fitness recovery community with a friendly atmosphere, wellness treatment space and highly advanced equipment to improve your training regime and meet your fitness goals.

Our Recovery Room is staffed with highly qualified Recovery Specialists to provide you with expert guidance and advice for prehab and rehab.

What We Do

Prehab, Rehab and Rebuild with Our Fitness Recovery Studio!

Fitness is about achieving an optimal balance. Strength & Recovery provides fitness enthusiasts with a community of like-minded people to help them perform and recover at the best level.

We understand how hard you push yourself to get results when you enter the gym. But after all the hard work, you need to unwind and give your body enough time to restore strength and endurance.

In addition to the Recovery Room, we offer:

Massage Therapy

Assisted Training


Infrared Sauna



Plan for your Better Fitness

Our Recovery Specialists know that RECOVERY is a crucial component of your athletic training. Reaching full athletic potential isn’t possible without focusing on it. Unlike other studios, Strength & Recovery offers all forms of recovery under one roof. We don’t let lethargy, fatigue, and physical stress sideline your performance.

Jumpstart your fitness recovery journey with a wellness specialist regardless of your performance level!