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Corrective Exercise

Keep your body feeling great between treatments with custom corrective exercise plans tailored just for you!

At Strength and Recovery we recognize that every body is unique and requires personalized evaluation and treatment. Whether you have a particular issue in mind or want to address your body overall, our experienced Recovery Specialists can help you prehab, rehab, and reach recovery goals with individually tailored exercise, stretching, and treatment plans.

Why Corrective Exercise?

Treatments like chiropractic adjustments, massages, and acupuncture feel great but we need the body to hold on to all the positive changes we make to it. That is where corrective exercise comes in! By evaluating our muscle weaknesses, imbalances, and tightness and creating an individualized exercise plan, we can target those problems areas to keep you feeling your best for longer.

Muscle Weakness

Weak muscles are more likely to be pulled, strained, and feel tight. Evaluation by our Recovery Specialists can identify those weak muscles and then we can start planning our individualized routine just for you. By adding targeted muscle strengthening exercises to your routine, we can help you kick that nagging feeling.

Muscle Imbalances

Our muscles always work with other muscles to create balance within our bodies. When one muscle group gets out of sync it can wreak havoc, not only in that area, but all over our bodies! Our experienced Recovery Specialists can evaluate and identify those muscle imbalances and use their exercise knowledge and modalities to create a tailored plan to correct the issue.

Muscle tightness

Tightness is almost always caused by a muscle being over or under active. At Strength and Recovery, we can evaluate and address both issues with our custom prescribed exercises and our assisted stretching and modalities. Come see our Recovery Specialists to evaluate that persisting tight muscle and get back into your favorite activities.

Achieve Optimal Health

Get corrective exercise session plans tailored just for you at Strength & Recovery Studio to keep your body feeling great between treatments!

Get in touch with us or talk to our specialists at our facility!