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Assisted Stretching

Empower your flexibility with measured movements at the best fitness recovery studio!

15 Minute Session


30 Minute Session


50 Minute Session


Strength & Recovery is your one-stop to get specialized assisted stretching sessions. Focusing on your prehab, rehab, and recovery goal, our qualified fitness maestros can help you improve your range of motion and eliminate chronic pain.

If you are a golf, tennis, baseball, marathon, lacrosse, or soccer player, assisted stretching is crucial to maintain movements and reduce stiffness. At Strength & Recovery, we solely focus on supporting the advantages of moderate and regular activities.

Feeling Stiff or Tight?

Join One-On-One Assisted Stretching Sessions at Strength & Recovery

We work with the best “stretch therapists.” They know that the right stretching and mobility techniques that can help trainees get rid of pain and stiffness. If you have any current or previous musculoskeletal injury and performance issues, our highly qualified recovery specialist have the expertise to help you recover.

With  customized 15, 30 or 60 minute sessions to fit your needs, we MAKE results happen at Strength & Recovery! With customized sessions to fit your needs, we MAKE results happen at Strength & Recovery!

Why Take Assisted Stretching

Improve Performance

If you‘re an athlete, you must be looking for proven techniques that can give you an edge. Better performance and recovery times must be your main concerns. Partner with our stretch specialists to target your muscle groups. Our qualified specialists can help you reduce soreness after a workout, minimize recovery times, and speed up rehab while improving overall performance.

Increase Range of Motion

Has your range of motion reduced? Do you feel difficulty in extending the joints comfortably? Regain your range of motion with our fitness studio’s customized assisted training session. Administered by a skilled and trained specialist, assisted stretching session at Strength & Recovery is a painless and safe way to enhance the well-being of your joints. Give your joints back their flexibility without going to a physical therapist!

Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain

Our stretching specialists guide you on how to loosen tight joints and muscles from all the strains and stresses you subject them to during rigorous exercises or training sessions. Guided stretching is incredibly effective for addressing discomforts and pain levels in Myofascial tissue, joints, and muscles.

Achieve Optimal Health

Join assisted stretching sessions at Strength & Recovery Studio to reprogram your muscular system and regain your range of motion!

Get in touch with us or talk to our specialists at our facility!