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Calm. Cool. Complete!
Step into a cold tank and boost your physical and mental health at Strength & Recovery!

Single Session


We believe in offering holistic recovery and wellness. As one of the dependable fitness recovery studios in town, we want everyone from athletes to trainees to fitness enthusiasts to enjoy the convenience and benefits of our comprehensive Cryo Therapy.

Cryo Therapy is one of our best services to help trainees and fitness enthusiasts with safe preventative and alternative treatment to reduce stress, pain, and fatigue.

Your Natural, Cutting Edge, and Non-Invasive Technique to Minimize Pain!

Cryo therapy is one of the painless, natural, therapeutic techniques to get rid of inflammation and pain with freezing temperatures. With only a 2-3 minutes session you can target specific areas of your body or painful joints.

Don’t worry if you’re not accustomed to cold temperatures, the modern therapy technique gets better with each session as your body adjusts to the freezing temperature. At Strength & Recovery, we make sure that you take the treatment in a safe and guided setting.

With assisted Cryo Therapy, you can

  • Perform better
  • Recover faster
  • Improve stamina
  • Reduce inflammation swelling and pain
  • Heal injuries

Wondering how Cryotherapy works?

We have a modernly designed Cryotank that uses nitrogen gas to reduce the temperature of your skin by about 20 to 30 degrees. Nitrogen is a natural and non-toxic gas that makes up 78 percent of the air you breathe in. Lowering the temperature is one way to help the body attain a ‘fight or flight mode and send the blood to your core.

Within 2 to 3 minutes, the blood becomes hyper-oxygenated and stimulates enzymes and nutrients. The enriched, fresh blood is rerouted to the body to improve its ability to heal or recover faster.

Relieve Pain, Swelling, and Stress

If you play ice hockey, tennis, baseball, and golf, you must know that most pain problems come from inflammation. When you join Cryo Therapy, it helps you reduce inflammation and pain as you make progress through every session.

Achieve Optimal Health

Interested in CryoTherapy?

Use our APP to schedule a session and learn more about the benefits of this effective process.