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Treat your tight muscles, scars, lack of mobility, and other diagnoses like bursitis, tendinitis, fasciitis, plantar, and fibromyalgia with cupping!

Single Session


An ancient form of alternative medicine, cupping is a massage therapy that can help you decompress soft tissues with the help of powerful vacuum suction. This non-invasive therapy is very relaxing and a proven way to improve blood flow.

Bid farewell to muscle soreness, painful trigger points, sprains and strains by scheduling your cupping therapy session at Strength & Recovery.

How it Works

In this most effective and old relaxing therapy, our cupping specialist places special cups on your skin to create suction. Also known as hijama cupping and vacuum cupping, the cups on the skin cause swell and drawn up by increasing the blood flow in the affected area.

Wondering what makes the process special?

Improved blood flow in cupping draws toxins and impurities away from the organs and tissue towards the skin for elimination. 30 minutes session of customized cupping session at Strength & Training studio can help you reduce muscle tightness and relieve pain faster.

Our specialists are trained professionals with hands-on experience to perform cupping therapy with the latest techniques to improve blood circulation and increase mobility.

Strength & Recovery’s cupping therapy offers an excellent opportunity to take some time off from digital distractions and relax your overloaded mind. Relieve your chronic fatigue by booking a cupping session at our fitness recovery studio.

Achieve Optimal Health

Interested in cupping therapy?

Use our APP to schedule a session and learn more about the benefits of this traditional yet effective process.