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Infrared Sauna

Looking for fitness recovery centers that can help you feel thriving and healthy- not just physically, but mentally and spiritually?

Single Session


Strength & Recovery is a place where you feel supported, welcomed, and self-nourished. Rejuvenate yourself with high-tech infrared sauna therapy. Whether it is muscle soreness, joint tension, or everyday stress, you can relieve it while rehabbing and rebuilding strength at our fitness recovery center.

At Strength & Training studio, we offer premium quality infrared sauna therapy to help athletes and trainees achieve better performance and muscle recovery. Unlike traditional saunas, at Strength & Recovery, we use a Infrared sauna, the Sunlighten amplifies III, to give your body the much-needed temperature to offer therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of an Infrared Sauna Session

Muscle Recovery

How about getting some heat-related health effects for muscle recovery?

The light emitted in sauna therapy is a great way to relieve stressed muscles after training sessions. The light penetrates the skin surface and combats pain and sore muscles. It is a kind of heat therapy that can increase the production of healthy shock proteins to repair damaged cells and protect them from oxidative stress. Speed up your muscle recovery by spending not more than 10 to 20 minutes in the infrared sauna.


Melt your stress away by spending some quiet hours in our infrared sauna!

There is no better way to unwind your body and relax your mind than to take infrared sauna therapy. At Strength & Training studio, we offer an advanced sauna bath facility to trainees and fitness enthusiasts to help them relax while reinvigorating tissue sweat. The one session is enough to leave them rejuvenated, renewed, and refreshed.


Infrared sauna therapy is your natural anti-aging remedy to get fewer breakouts, unclogged pores, and smoother skin texture!

The infrared sauna is a great way to let the heat penetrate the skin deeply to stimulate cellular activities. We have trained staff to assist you to get the complete benefits of heat therapy.


Your body takes in plenty of toxins every day varying from heavy metals in the environment to pesticides in the food. IR rays in an infrared sauna are effective and safe to revitalize the cells of your body.

Heart Health

Relaxed mind and body in an infrared sauna session is an excellent way to keep your heart happy, healthy, and functioning!

Improve Sleep

The comfortable temperature at our infrared sauna promotes relaxation by naturally releasing tension and calming nerves. They are incredibly relaxing and offer sleep-inducing benefits. They have a pacifying effect on your nervous system to encourage better sleep and relaxation.

Achieve Optimal Health

Contact us to explore more about our professional infrared sauna therapy sessions!