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Boost your rehabilitation and athletic performance with taping!

There is nothing more damaging to a sportsperson’s fitness goal, lifestyle, or the ego than sitting at home while his or her body recovers from an injury.

Whether you’re a swimmer, runner, skier, cardio enthusiast, or someone who takes strength training and aerobic classes, you need something to prevent injury and promote stability.

Taping at Strength & Recovery can help you speed up your recovery time! Our fitness experts use taping for many tricks to promote muscle health. It can help limit muscle movement and proprioception.

We are a fitness community that believes in offering holistic support to fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Sports players must improve their body’s ability to determine where it is in the space.

What we Use it for
At Strength & Recovery, we typically use tapes and cohesive bandages for;

  • Stabilizing ankles

  • Solidifying shoulders

  • Supporting knees

  • Supporting weak or injured muscles

  • Opening elbows

  • Preventing overuse

  • Improving muscle contraction

Taping helps players feel the part of the body affected by injury.
Check out some more benefits of taping you get.

Pain Relief and Control

We know that even a minor injury can jeopardize your success as an athlete. It can also make your fitness goals and milestones suffer. Taping contributes to controlling pain and reducing swelling. So, whether you have experienced an injury recently or you‘re on your road to recovery, taping can give your injury the result you need. It adds to your rehabilitation while you recover completely.

Reduced Muscle Cramps and Spasms

There is no need to slow down when you shouldn’t whether you‘re performing on the field, track, or court. Taping not only can improve blood circulation but also reduce muscle cramps. Our fitness pros use it strategically to put pressure on your lymphatic areas to help the body improve oxygen and blood flow. The trained professionals know that the body experiences cramps and spasms due to clogging in specific areas or overusing the muscles after an injury.
They use Kinesio tape to put pressure in the right places of your body to help you relieve physical discomfort.

Active Performance

Improve your game with taping if you’re a competitive athlete and don’t want to sit out! Kinesiology tape gives you a shot to get back in your game. It provides you the much-needed elasticity to achieve the range of motion required in the sports you play. In addition to that, you get additional support for the fractured bones and injured muscles.

Achieve Optimal Health

Contact Strength & Recovery if you want to get in the game without a long break.

Rely on our trainers to help you improve your performance and restore confidence!