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Physical Therapy

Provided by 633 Physical Therapy

The mission of 6:33 Physical Therapy is to serve you with integrity and compassion while helping you improve your overall health, fitness, and performance.

We understand how frustrating it is when healthcare professionals do not understand the deep desire of an athlete to move, train, and compete.

Therefore, our treatment philosophy is to help you continue moving and modify training as needed to address your limitations and ultimately CRUSH your goals! We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you!

Meet Dr. Alison Berglund, PT, DPT

Dr. Alison Berglund, owner of 6:33 Physical Therapy, understands how frustrating it is when an injury limits you from accomplishing your goals. In 2014 Alison was an undergraduate at University of Delaware and training for her first marathon. She developed a knee injury and was told by multiple healthcare professionals to “just stop running.” She specifically recalls one physical therapist telling her that “some people’s bodies are not made to run marathons.”

Despite this remark, and in typical runner fashion, Alison decided to continue to train and complete this marathon (which she did, with a quite a bit of pain). Once she started PT school at UNC Chapel Hill, she came to understand the human body more deeply was able to address the root cause of her injury. She realized the issue was not that her body “isn’t made” to run marathons. Rather, it was not YET ready for the load that marathon training required—a problem that was solved with a proper training plan and targeted exercise regimen.

Since then she has completed multiple marathons, ultra-marathons, and triathlons. With each new endeavor Alison is fascinated by how strong and resilient the human body proves to be. She is passionate about her career as a physical therapist and loves helping her patients overcome their challenges and crush their own goals.

She has experience rehabilitating soldiers in the 82nd airborne division of the United States Army, as well as experience working with numerous runners, athletes, weekend warriors, patients with neurological disorders, and many people with nagging aches and pains limiting their ability to enjoy the daily activities they love.

Physical Therapy - What We Offer

Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform a full body one-on-one evaluation to identify the underlying cause of your pain or restriction and then create an individualized plan to get you MOVING toward your goals.

  • We recognize that every BODY is different and each person who walks (or runs) into our clinic has a unique set of circumstances, experiences, goals, and health history.

  • Our mission is to serve you with integrity and compassion, and ultimately empower you to achieve your goals.

  • We want to help you move better. Move more. Move toward your goals.